November 2021

Thank you so much for sending us the SDSA video on You Tube and the attachments which will be really useful for parents/teachers and students. We really appreciate all the time and effort that goes into providing this film and resources for students, which is such a crucial message for them at this age.  
Teacher via email

Thank you so much for the Digital Performance of Safe Drive, Stay Alive. It is an excellent production and extremely thought-provoking
Teacher via email

Long may this initiative continue. So important for the students.

November 2018

Congratulations once again to all involved in this year’s successful programme. I never cease to be amazed at the impact your brilliant speakers have on young and old alike.
Jim Glover
High Sheriff of Surrey, 2018-2019

I still remember going to see this in November 2016, months before passing my driving test. What I watched, what I heard, who spoke about what was an eye-opener for me. One careless move, one moment of distraction can change everything. 18 months after passing my driving test, I’m still driving safely. The words of those have never left me, and I thank Safe Drive Stay Alive for being that voice for me, back then an eager wannabe driver, now a safe driver.
Andy Patterson
October 2018 – via Facebook

Thank you very much for inviting me to the VIP Performance of Safe Drive Stay Alive today and congratulations on all you have achieved in organising this significant project so successfully over the years.  The moving performances by the various participants were hugely powerful and it was heartening to learn about the very positive impact that Safe Drive Stay Alive has had on young drivers on the roads in Surrey.
Lesley Myles
High Sheriff Youth Awards Assessor

Thank you for your kindness and hospitality at yesterday’s SDSA Surrey Road Show. Both Ted and I thought it a very powerful show, superbly organised.
George Atkinson 
Livia Award and SDSA London

Just to say thank you so much from Godalming College for organising Save Drive Stay Alive.  The students who attended found it very beneficial and we appreciate all the hard work that goes behind organising this event.
Philippa Currie
Staff Training & Development Administrator 

Godalming College

I am writing regarding the safe drive stay alive scheme. Firstly, I would like to say thank you for the presentation you gave us in Dorking yesterday. My peers and I certainly found it moving, and from the other, ‘wellbeing’ lectures, I have been to with my school, this one stood out by miles. On the coach back we all agreed that it was well put together, and well worth the time we spent there. Aside from wanting to thank you for the lecture, especially given some of the personal issues being raised by your team, I was interested in the music that was being played at the start. One of my friends explained that it was a drama technique, or at least it is used in drama so that when bad news is delivered, it feels worse given the high before. Would it be possible if you could provide me with the playlist that was on, or put me in contact with the DJ who was in charge?

Kind regards and thank you once again for the superb talk.

Oliver Webb
November 2018

November 2017

My daughter came to your performance at Dorking Halls with Reed’s School recently and I wanted you to know that it really did impact on her and also her friends. She was really struck by the people who had been bereaved by dangerous/drink driving and how brave they were to speak to them so openly. I also wanted to say thank you for the Young Driver’s magazine she came home with. What a great resource for new drivers and their parents. Thank you again to all involved. She passed her test on Saturday and I feel more confident that she understands the responsibility of being behind the wheel having heard your speakers.
Susie Horwood, Mother of attendee

A big thank you to yourself and your team for organising Safe Drive. I’ve heard so many conversations about it afterwards, which is a great sign and also I’ve had some really positive feedback from students and their parents about its impact.
Daniel Guyte, Head of Year 12, Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead, Woking College

Went to Safe Drive Stay Alive with my son last night in Dorking. What an amazing, enlightening and moving event. Thank you so much to all involved. Total respect for you all. It absolutely works. He is telling all his friends to go to the next one.
Peter Bush, Business Improvement Manager, Kier Highways

Using real life stories and the public sector speakers made it all very real and present which drilled the core principles of the event into those watching in the audience. It is most certainly a great way to deliver the message. Previously attending a similar event whilst I was at college, 3 or 4 years ago, it struck me how much the presentation of stories has developed over the years, with a much more diverse approach to how these RTCs can happen as a result of a range of poor decisions.
Holly Marks (Sienna King & Emily Corning) Surrey Family Services Interns

I have rarely, if ever, attended such a powerful, hard hitting, perfectly organised, impactful event – congratulations to everyone involved with this excellent initiative.Particular thanks to the contributors on stage, who provided such moving personal stories in a way which reached the hearts and minds of everyone in the audience.
Jim Glover, High Sheriff in Nomination

November 2016

A great experience, really eye opening. Has truly made me think more about practicing safe driving habits and the importance of being aware of the risks of dangerous driving. Thanks for the experience!
Callum Sumpter, Student, Via Facebook

Just wanted to say how amazing your presentation was, very hard hitting – exactly what young people need. Thank you so much. I cried my eyes out! I have an older sister so Abby’s story really hit me hard and made me think. I will always think when I’m in the car now as I am a young driver myself. I think every young person should witness what I just did. Thank you again.
Poppy Jensen, Year 13, Oxted School

A hugely valuable experience for all drivers out there. I have so much respect for those brave people that stood in front of us today full of courage and told us their stories, it gave a very realistic insight into the consequences of irresponsible driving and really put into perspective how much lives can change within a matter of seconds. It gave a good variety of perspectives of devastating RTC’s, from those that were directly involved, to families of those involved and to the Emergency services workers who are having to deal with these scenes on our roads regularly. Whilst it was hard to watch and left me in tears I’m incredibly grateful to have had the opportunity to go along and have the experience. The moment I turned my phone back on I texted my loved ones and asked them to please drive safe. Thank you again for the experience and making a difference, my sticker will be going straight up in my car.
Brianna Hebberd, Student, Via Facebook

The performance was very real, hard hitting and touched many people in the audience. It has certainly made me think more about keeping safe on the road, not riding in the car with too many friends and reading the conditions I’m in. Thank you for doing such a wonderful show and I will think of you next time I am driving.
John Ratcliff, Student, Via Facebook

Safe Drive Stay alive was fantastic. Please pass on my thanks to everyone involved. We come every year and it is brilliant every year so thanks for including us. I would also like to make a donation/payment so if you could give me the account details then I can make that happen. Once again, sorry for the delay but thanks to everyone for such a valuable experience.
Nick Gough, Royal Grammar School, Guildford

I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for an amazing production, it is such a worthwhile project that has a very hard hitting message and a huge impact on the students that attend. Thank you. Kind regards.
Sandy Simpkins, Student Support Administrator – Fullbrook 6

I would just like to say thank you for the presentation on Wednesday night, really well put together and I know that all the young soldiers I brought with me appreciated it and took something away.Regards
WO2 Paul Casey, Princess Royal Barracks, Deepcut

Diana and I were very moved by Safe Drive Stay Alive and were so pleased to be able to attend. I feel that it is such a thoroughly worthwhile event and am delighted that the HSYA were able to support the presentations this year. Thank you so much to you and all the team for such an amazing morning. These events require a great deal of very hard work but are so very worthwhile. Best wishes.
Richard Whittington,The High Sheriff of Surrey 2016-2017

Thanks to you and everyone for inviting me to the excellent event this morning. Powerful stuff as ever, and a tribute to all the hard work by the team in putting it all together. I was particularly impressed, as I said in my speech, that the programme is continually evolving to keep abreast of technology and driving trends.
David Munro, Police and Crime Commissioner for Surrey

November 2015

Safe Drive Stay Alive is a wonderful programme which I hope will continue to grow from strength to strength … Keep up the great work everyone. Kind regards,
Maryann Harris-Stewart, Rosebery School, Epsom

I’ve seen this and can’t recommend it enough. A must for any parent or young driver/learner. Well done SDSA for your continued commitment to keeping people safe on your roads.
Jami Blythe, Northumbria Police

I would just like to say how much of an effect this show had on me, I saw it in Dorking Halls and I really felt touched by all that was said. The people who spoke were so strong and have honestly made a difference to mine and my peers’ lives. Thank you.
Anna Burling, Student, Reigate College

I’ve just been to the presentation at Dorking Halls and wanted to say thank you to everyone concerned. I’m a teacher in the area and all three of my children have been to the presentation. Sam is now 24, Mash is 22 and Rosie is 18. I’ve seen their friends in the area grow up and I’ve seen how responsible they about their driving. If you ever wonder if you are having an impact I can tell you that you are. I’ve noticed a fall in the number of accidents associated with the students I teach in the last 7 years. Thank you from a parent in the area. I know you are making a real difference in the way they see driving and safety on the roads. Yours,
Jane Eagers, Box Hill School, Dorking

Just to feedback on the event this year. It was again an excellent presentation, hard hitting but every year seems to have the desired effect on our students. The organisation as always seems very good. I have just received the Young drivers guide and this is a really useful resource to follow on from the presentation. I was expecting quite a dry, boring booklet, but the format of the guide/magazine is very good, lively and seems interesting. I’m sure the guide will be useful and we will use a form time exploring some of the information as a follow up to the presentation. Regards,
Richard Kemp, Glyn School, Epsom

A sincere thank you for the invitation to the Safe Drive Stay Alive performance yesterday. I was amazed at the atmosphere when the students arrived and the subdued atmosphere when they left. Obviously very hard hitting but with a strong message which came across very well. The presenters were amazing and very brave. My eldest son attended with his school (Caterham School) two years ago and when I spoke to him yesterday he could still remember the presenters and the message as clear as if he had been there again yesterday. Thank you and I hope the funding continues to enable this excellent performance to continue for many years. Kind regards,
Maureen Gibbins, Clerk to Caterham Valley Parish Council

I wanted to say thank you for all the work and thought you put into putting on Safe Drive Stay Alive. Our pupils really appreciated it and while they found it upsetting, acknowledged that it was vital to hear and incredibly helpful. It was such a well thought through event and we are most appreciative of all the hard work that must go into it, as well as the courage of the speakers. With many thanks,
Jemima Kettle, Guildford High School

I just wanted to pass on belated thanks from Tomlinscote Sixth Form College. We attended the Safe Drive event again this year and as ever the delivery was professional, thought provoking, and speaking as a parent very emotional. If it is possible to pass on our gratitude to the amazing speakers, I would be most grateful. The strength of character shown by all concerned was truly humbling. Kind regards,
Jane Carpenter, Tomlinscote Sixth Form College, Frimley

The production value is superb and the quality of speakers is quite unrivalled. The students were clearly engaged and from what I saw whilst I was sat in my car eating lunch before the performance, the handling of coaches/logistics is nothing short of a military operation! Best regards,
James Evans, Founder, FirstCar

I just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you for the Stay Alive event my daughter attended today at Dorking Halls.  We’ve talked about it and the event obviously had an impact on her.
Helen Cox, Parent, Christ’s School, Richmond

Hello! Just wanted to say a BIG thank you to the team that did the SDSA event today, my students from Nescot took it on-board as a huge eye opener to the perils of driving. Seeing them laughing and joking on the coach there and comparing it to the quietness of the coach ride back was very powerful. So thanks again,
Josh Harris, North East Surrey College of Technology, Ewell

November 2014

I just wanted to say thank you and well done on the Safe Drive shows.  As I mentioned, this is the first time I’ve been involved and I saw a show last week for the first time – I found extremely powerful, emotionally difficult and extremely worthwhile.  It certainly had a tremendous impact on our students and tutors will be discussing the shows in tutorial time.
Paul Wilson, North East Surrey College of Technology

The presentation of something special. I’ve been to a few of these presentations by other companies and none of them are such an eye opener as the one today. I’ve realised that sometimes it’s not always you that’s the problem but it could be someone else. The amount of times I’ve climbed into cars driven by loose friends. This had made me think twice about who I get into a car with and for the future, safe drive stay alive!!
Grant Coates

Firstly many thanks for being able to accommodate my soldiers.  I hope they behaved!I’ve had nothing but praise from the soldiers about how powerful the presentations were. I just hope they take on board the information given.If there are any future plans for more presentations in the new year can you please keep us in mind.
WO2 NK Orrell, Princess Royal Barrack, Deepcut

I attended Safe Drive last Tuesday and I wanted to let you know the impact you have (on both students and staff). You could have heard a pin drop in our coach on the return journey. Several students were moved to tears. You really bring it home that it can happen to anyone and that we need to be vigilant when we get behind the wheel, or on a bike. Thank you for doing a fantastic, not easy job. My heart went out to Elaine and Adam.
Lynne Loughrey, Woking College

Who wouldn’t want to be young again? But just think of the times when we were just plain lucky to survive, and the risks we took. Survival is about realising the reality of the situation. Safe Drive, Stay Alive hits us with the brutal truth. Better to be hit by the truth and be able to walk away. Go and see it. Perhaps you won’t forget it, which could be a life saver.
Damon Hill OBE, Former Formula 1 World Champion

For the last several years now we have been attending the Safe Drive Stay Alive presentation from Surrey Fire and Rescue at Dorking Halls. This has always been such a worthwhile event and we know our students are hit hard with some of the information but we feel this is a great way to instill into them how important these issues are. Although this year we were lucky to have the whole event subsidised we did ask our students to make a small contribution to Surrey Fire and Rescue to say ‘thank you’ for all the hard work they do. We enclose a cheque which we hope you will be able to put to good use. Once again Mrs Barnett (Deputy Head of 6th Form) and I would like to thank you and your team for all your hard work and we look forward to booking again for next year.
Kerry Shepherd, St Bedes School, Redhill

November 2013

I wanted to write to you to thank you for the brilliant Safe Drive, Stay Alive performance we attended on Wednesday. The plentiful staff knew exactly what they were doing to ensure the safe and efficient management of such a large crowd. As the person in charge of a group of 200, it was nice to know that they were in good hands from the moment we arrived at the venue. While I only have positive things to say about it, the performance was obviously traumatic and emotional, in a way that was appropriate and effective, but most of of relevant to the pupils I brought. They were able to relate to many of the different scenarios and relationships which were explored. It had a profound effect, on most of them, if not on all. The feedback I have had within school, from boarding staff, pupils and parents has demonstrated how touched so many of them were by the show. It was extremely age appropriate and carried a message which will stick with them as they become young drivers and passengers of other young drivers. My sincerest thanks to all within the organisation and all those who make it possible.
Amy Hoek, Charterhouse School, Godalming

Thank you and your team for a memorable experience at the safe drive stay alive event this year.  I have not been before and am in awe of the speakers who come in and shared their stories.  It is very effective and hard-hitting, which is just what is needed at this age.
Bethan Jackson, Head of Sixth Form, Dunottar School, Reigate

Thanks once again for organising this.  It is without doubt one of most valuable things we attend.
Adrian Parkin, Assistant Head of Sixth Form, City of London Freemen’s School

November 2012

I attended Safe Drive yesterday for the first time and would like to say that it was fantastic. It was hard hitting, but absolutely necessary and so professionally carried out. It should be part of the vehicle testing procedure for everyone to watch this.
Sandra Maynard, Collingwood College, Camberley

Thank you for an absolutely brilliant session yesterday. I had heard it was really good but I found it excellent, pitched exactly right for the pupils and will probably make me a better driver too! Just please don’t let government cut backs reduce or stop these sessions going ahead. Essential education for all teenagers. Thank-you so much for organising them.
Janine Bruneau, St Teresas School, Effingham

November 2011

I had a talk with the students about the show yesterday and asked each of them to tell the group what they thought. They were really moved and a lot of what had been said and shown stuck in their minds. The discussion went on for 45 minutes and I had to bring it to a close, they wanted to continue. In particular Abby’s video really touched them as they related to her because she’s their age. I thought what was particularly brilliant was the reference to the change in the emotions we felt at the beginning and at the end and how this is nothing in comparison to the change in emotion after a road traffic collision. I think the show is very strong and powerful and it’s wonderful to hear that deaths on the road have been halved.
Dione, Tutor, North East Surrey College of Technology, Ewell

Just wanted to feedback what an amazing evening this was. I have 2 teenage sons (19 and 17) who have both attended and have taken on board the messages. I wanted to witness it for myself and am so glad I did. I’m nearly 50 with 33 years on the road, but there were plenty of reminders for our generation too….. It is usually older people I see on their phones! Also, it will make me much more aware of who my 16 year old gets lifts from and I’ll ensure he has been on the road at least a couple of months after he’s passed before he takes passengers…. something I didn’t do with my first son. So a huge thank you to the organisers and participants who give freely of their time to pass on these invaluable lessons.
Penny Bedford, Mother and attendee

Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou. My son (Ben, Godalming College) has today attended Safe Drive Stay Alive session at Dorking Halls. The impact it has had on him is amazing. I truly believe that this will make a real difference to him and the hundreds of other kids who attended. This is obviously an extremely valuable initiative which makes a real difference. There must be a lot of families discussing this over supper this evening, I am sure the message will be spread far and wide. Excellent, thanks again.
Bruno Turner, Father

One word I feel sums up my reaction to the presentation I attended on Tuesday morning – BRILLIANT!   It was so refreshing to listen to such a hard hitting presentation delivered to such a vulnerable section of (potential) drivers (rather than some sort of politically correct friendly chat). The presenters were excellent and came across in a very forceful, professional way. As for the ‘mother’ (forgive me, I forget her name), well if her heartfelt presentation didn’t strike home I guess nothing would! Thanks for letting me attend and I very much hope your collective efforts are rewarded with a continuing downward trend of KSI in Surrey. Brilliant.
Brian Truscott, Surrey Police Volunteer