SDSA aims to positively influence the attitudes and driving behaviours of young people, reducing the frequency and severity of road traffic collisions and, therefore, the number of deaths and injuries on Surrey’s roads. Over the last 13 years we have invited, received and collated a large amount of feedback from students, teachers, parents, VIP invited guests, partner agencies and financial supporters. This feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, some of which can be seen on our Testimonials page, supporting the SDSA team’s belief that SDSA has a positive influence on young people’s attitude to driving and to risk.

Since 2005, SDSA Surrey has undertaken numerous pieces of work to aim to evaluate the outcomes for those young people that attend performances. These have either been designed and implemented internally, by Surrey Fire and Rescue Service, or in conjunction with an independent, external, organisation that has been commissioned to undertake this work, namely Opinion Research Services, the University of Surrey and, most recently, jointly with SDSA Greater Manchester, Road Safety Analysis.