Safe Drive Stay Alive Surrey

Safe Drive Stay Alive, Surrey, is a live theatre based education production that aims to raise road safety awareness amongst young people and to positively influence their attitudes to driving and as passengers.

Each performance features a sequence of films and live speakers, each recounting a personal story about the impact of a road traffic collision. Representatives from the Police, Ambulance, A&E and Fire services make up our live speaker team, along with a member of the public whose life has been affected by a fatal road traffic collision. All stories include advice for the audience on how to keep themselves safe and avoid being involved in a road traffic collision themselves.

Safe Drive Stay Alive runs for 2 weeks each November at Dorking Halls and is attended by over 12,000 people every year. This year, Safe Drive will take place between 31st October and 11th November 2022.

Safe Drive Stay Alive is led by Surrey Fire and Rescue Service, working with a number of partners including Surrey and Sussex Police and South East Coast Ambulance Service.

I still remember going to see this in November 2016, months before passing my driving test. What I watched, what I heard, who spoke about what was an eye-opener for me. One careless move, one moment of distraction can change everything. 18 months after passing my driving test, I’m still driving safely. The words of those have never left me, and I thank Safe Drive Stay Alive for being that voice for me, back then an eager wannabe driver, now a safe driver

Audience member and young driver

First Car Awards 2019 - Road Safety Initiative of the Year - Highly Commended